Recent cases

Biting Divorce Trial in Integrated Domestic Violence Part

Mother wins full custody of the children and gets marittal residence worth $350,000 in her exclusive posession, paying only $7,000 to the father.

Identity Theft Litigation

Our client when filing a loan application realized that there was a $147,000 judgment against him, recorded against his credit history for the past four years, regarding which he had no previous knowledge. Greg C. Gorodetsky vacated the judgment and completely cleared client’s credit history that allowed him to take desired loan.

Constructive Trust Commercial Case

Owner of a house wins a Constructive Trust case imposed upon him by his girlfriend and thus reduced the trust payment by ten times.

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Our Law Firm is specializing in three major areas of practice.

  • The first one is Matrimonial practice that includes, among other things, Divorce Litigation, Child Custody, Child Support Cases, Pre-nuptial, Post-nuptial, Separation Agreements. and Domestic Violence Cases, including Order of Protection Cases.
  • The second one is commercial litigation that includes Constructive Trust cases, Identity Theft cases, and Commercial Landlord tenant cases.
  • The third one is criminal defense. We represent clients in DWI cases, Unlicensed operation cases, Shoplifting cases, Home attendant’s investigations, associated with Medicaid and Medical Fraud, and other Insurance fraud cases, Domestic violence / Harassment and Abuse cases, and Order of Protection cases, Prostitution, Burglaries and Money Laundering cases.


Greg C. Gorodetsky, Esq., is a trial attorney who represents our clients in courts on a daily basis. He participates in trials, hearings and oral argument in Supreme, Family, Criminal, Civil and Federal courts.

Our law firm litigates all kinds of divorces, including international divorces. Also, we represent our clients in child support, child custody, paternity, and order of protection cases. We conduct an aggressive litigation that results in 100% successful outcome. As thus, we earned a very high reputation among other lawyers and judges. Historically, all of our divorce and family court cases were decided in favor of our clients.


Equitable Distribution of Marital Property / Splitting Up Marital Assets

Our Law Firm’s Matrimonial practice involves multi-million dollar divorce cases. These cases relate to the Equitable Distribution of marital assets that among other things include Businesses, Pension Plans, Margin Accounts, Real Estate Property / Houses, Condominiums, Co-op Apartments, and Enhanced Earning Capacity of certified and licensed professionals.  Evaluation of Enhanced Earning Capacity includes earning capacity of doctors, registered nurses, accountants, lawyers, and stockbrokers as well as non- licensed professionals who have completed their certificates, associates, and bachelors and masters degrees during their marriages.


Wining Child Custody

Custody issues are just as important in divorce litigation as Equitable Distribution of marital assets. Custody issues involving unemancipated children (children under age of 21), are often the most touching aspect of divorce litigation. Greg C. Gorodetsky is an attorney who specializes in custody trials with practically a 100% success ratio.      

Child Support

Our firm specializes in Child support issues as independent cases and as part of divorce practice. Such litigation often includes the spouses who are trying to hide their income, and there by avoid child support payments. Greg C. Gorodetsky has forced to pay parents who officially declared $300 as weekly gross income, the child support in the amount of $1,100, because he proved to the court that those parents factual income was substantially higher than those that they officially declared.


Orders of Protection and Domestic Violence Defense

Domestic violence between spouses or unmarried co-habitants, who are involved in intimate relations often results in Orders of Protection, precluding communication between spouses and/or boyfriends and girlfriends, thus stopping domestic violence. Our Law Firm specializes in protecting abused spouses who need an order of protection to defend themselves from a violent spouse, or falsely accused spouses that are facing false charges imposed on them by the other spouse.




We successfully represented our clients such as dentists, doctors, manufacturers, and other commercial tenants, who suffered from the negligence of landlords that caused the premises, where the tenants conducted their businesses, to become uninhabitable and unusable to effectuate a particular business.  In such cases, our clients were receiving years of free rent and hundreds of thousand of dollars in compensation for loss of business effectiveness.

  • We represent the owners of the houses, condominiums, co-op apartments, who get in to a conflict with their tenants and tenants who get into a conflict with the Land lords when it comes to the violation of the lease agreements
  • We litigate the cases pertaining to the conflicts between landlords and commercial tenants, when the landlords cannot provide sufficient conditions for the tenants so that the tenants would have a chance to satisfactory conduct their businesses, and do their commerce.
  • We help people whose business identity was stolen and the thieves used their credit history in order to open loans and to finance highly valuable assets by misusing the name of our clients. In these cases, our firm was able to find thieves of our clients real Identity and make them pay for stolen assets.



Criminal Defense from the Moment of Your Arrest

Criminal defense often involves situations where the people, not knowing the laws and not clearly understanding the boundaries imposed on them by the government, find themselves arrested and require the immediate intervention of a legal professional, who can either stop their arrest, or quickly release them from custody or jail.

Our Law Firm can help such people avoid a criminal record, jail terms, and being laid off from their job due to pending criminal charges.

Often, divorcing spouse, by false accusation, places other spouse under arrest, accusing him or her of menacing, battery, assault, and harassment that never took place. We are helping those, falsely accused people, to get out of jail / Central Booking, and preserve their innocence.

We, also, represent clients in DWI cases, Unlicensed operation cases, Shoplifting cases, Home attendant’s investigations, associated with Medicaid and Medical Fraud, and other Insurance fraud cases, Domestic violence / Harassment and Abuse cases, and Order of Protection cases, Prostitution, Burglaries and Money Laundering cases. Greg C. Gorodetsky has successfully conducted hundreds of criminal cases where he protected his clients from false accusations and excessive charges imposed upon them by police and prosecutors.         

We have multilingual staff, which in addition to English also speaks Russian, Ukrainian and Slovenian.

Our leading Attorney, Greg C. Gorodetsky is fluent in all said four languages.   


Representation of clients at the cases initiated by the Administration for Children's Services (ACS)

associated with violation of parental rights and endangerment of the welfare of the children

Sometimes the parents get into a situation where they are accused of violating the welfare of their children. Such cases are associated with so-called “Shaken Children Syndrome” cases and endangerment of children’s welfare cases, such as injury caused to the children, unwanted touching, harassment and abuse of the children.

Sometimes one spouse accuses the other spouse for intentionally causing injury to the children in order to remove that spouse from the marital residence by making false allegations to ACS and have those spouses arrested by means of complaint to the police.

We have successfully defended such spouses at the ACS hearings, having them acquitted and thus giving them a chance to continue taking care of their children. Also, we helped to settle the cases with ACS for the parents who were actually guilty of child abuse, such that no history of child abuse was imputed upon such parents.

If you have any legal questions or require representation, our legal staff will be happy to discuss your situation and explain your rights and remedies at law.

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